Data storage and security

Loss of operational data is an increasingly negative trend in the accounting industry. This is highly relevant risk clients seldom contemplate when choosing a service provider within the accounting industry. The real risk of pour choices is always clearer in the aftermath.

What knowledge do you really have about the maintenance schedule on the server you just added operational dependent data? Norwegian Accounting Standards Board has developed a set of guidelines for bookkeeping and electronic storage of accounting information to ensure that this is done in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Accomodo have chosen to outsource our data storage needs to our ASP supplier. Purchase of external data services with secure storage facilities and great flexibility is key to providing significantly lower operating risk and added security to our customers' financial information.

We avoid storing physical documentation and accounts in the same place, by actively applying the opportunity provided with electronic delivery of scanned accounting data. This avoids unwarrented operational events (fire etc.) and the company can maintain ongoing operations from any another location should serious operational failure occure.

Obtain therefore - always - a overview of data storage facilities before choosing your accounting provider.

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