Incoming/Outgoing Invoice

Time-saving for us equals cheaper services for you.

Invoices are scanned and digitized (PDF-format) for automatic transfer to the (document) archives, while vouchers are assigned to accounts and entered into the accounting system automatically. Batch transfer (remittance) is processed through uploading a pre-edited electronic transfer file - transmitted to the client’s bank on due date. Retrieving the electronic consolidated receivables file, updates accounts quickly and efficiently. Payment procedures run every fortnight - or desired interval. Invoicing is automatically handled on the due date.

Fast and efficient billing routines sows the seeds for a financially sound company. We can cover the full assignment or share the tasks with you; preparation and submission of invoices, importing the invoicing journal, documentation and reconciliation of balance sheet items. An alternate possibility for our clients is to choose to connect to our databases via cloud solutions (Please note that this solution only applies to subscribers with an existing Mamut client account).
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